Uttarakhand election results 2017 : All you need to know

Uttarakhand election results 2017
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Uttarakhand election results 2017

Bitter battle for power in Uttarakhand between Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) culminates today. While the contest was expected to be close, BJP has shown strong performance and leads in 54 seats. Here are the latest and live updates from Uttarakhand assembly elections 2017.

PM Narendra Modi had campaigned extensively in Uttarakhand.


  • The BJP and the Congress are projected to finish neck and neck with 32 seats each in the 70-member assembly
  • The category of ‘others’ are expected to win 5 seats.
  • Magic number: 36 for majority. Below are live updates from results day



Alliance Leads Wins Total
BJP 51 0 51
INC 16 0 16
OTHERS 3 0 3
UKD 0 0 0

* Big news: Harish Rawat has lost in Haridwar (rural) seat. He had won from this seat in the Lok Sabha elections 2009.
* On a lighter note, here’s election results.

Harish Rawat has lost in Haridwar

All leads are in. BJP ahead in 50 seats. Congress far behind with leads in 15. Here’s how the story has changed in five years.
* Congress’ fate in the state can be ascertained from the fact that CM Harish Rawat is currently trailing from both constituencies – Kichha and Haridwar Rural.

Cartoon by Sandeep Adhwaryu/BCCL

* BJP crosses half-way mark in Uttarakhand trends. The story is looking the same in UP .

* Saffron seems to be fast becoming the dominant hue of Uttarakhand’s hilly skies. Take a look at constituency-wise leads here.
* Pollsters said neck-to-neck but BJP supporters in the state may well be getting ready to celebrate – their party now leading in 32 seats.

* Chakrata constituency: Congress candidate Pritam Pawar leading with 965 votes. He is a strong candidate for Congress and has never lost since the state was formed. BJP leaders though have accused the panchayat minister of taking his wins for granted and therefore, not doing anything for the constituency.
* BJP is now leading in 21 seats while Congress’ going gets a little slower and is now leading in nine seats.
* BJP leading in seven seats while Congress is leading in six. Still early but the exit polls had predicted that this race will have a photo-finish+ .

* Dharchula constituency: Virender Singh from BJP is leading. It is important to note that locals here were reportedly unhappy with their MLAs and wanted roads and mobiles for better connectivity.
* Rudrapur constituency: Rajkumar Thukral from BJP is leading. PM Modi had campaigned here for his party and urged voters to come out in huge numbers. “I have been there for two-and-a-half years trying to do something for the state but those in power here are interested only in saving their chair,” PM Modi had said .

PM Modi
* Counting for votes has begun. Trends are expected to start coming in by 11AM IST. Important to note that 36 is the magic mark for majority in Uttarakhand.

The BJP and the Congress are projected to finish neck and neck with 32 seats each in the 70-member assembly. The category of ‘others’ are expected to win 5 seats. The projections do not show much change from the 2012 assembly elections, when the BJP got 31 seats and the Congress 32 seats.

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