Ashwin’s carrom ball

Ashwin’s carrom ball
Ashwin’s carrom ball
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Ashwin’s carrom ball – The Indian cricket team’s star all-rounder Ravichandran Ashwin, in a tweet on Monday, appeared to make a statement on the current political scenario in the State. After his tweet drew a flurry of negative comments on Twitter, he hastened to clear the air on his true intent.

In his first tweet, Ashwin said, “To all the youngsters in TN, 234 job opportunities to open up shortly.”
The use of 234 appeared significant since the Tamil Nadu Assembly has the same number of seats. This, coming at a time when a new Chief Minister was to be sworn in soon, created a storm of sorts.
Ashwin then tweeted, “Guys please cool it down, it is a job creation drive. Nothing to do with Politics.#howmuchtwisting.” Speaking to The Hindu, Ashwin’s manager V. Balaji said: “He said 234 because it, perhaps, is a fancy number. It has nothing to do with politics. Ashwin is only trying to create jobs through his foundation and his GenNext cricket academy.”
Title: Ashwin’s carrom ball


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