Congress demands Arun Jaitley’s resignation

Congress demands Arun Jaitley’s resignation - Calling it an open and shut case of letting fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya run away, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on September 13 asked for the resignation of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. 

Rahul Gandhi accuses Arun Jaitley of lying on meeting with Vijay Mallya; Congress leader P.L. Punia says he was witness to meeting between Mr. Jaitley and Mr. Mallya in Parliament on March 1, 2016.

“What Arun Jaitleyji said yesterday — that Mallya met him briefly in the corridor and spoke two-three words — is a lie. Today, we have got proof. We have Puniaji here [Congress Rajya Sabha MP P.L. Punia] and he has seen with his own eyes the meeting between Arun Jaitleyji and Vijay Mallya in Parliament,” Mr. Gandhi told reporters at a press conference at the party headquarters. “It was a 15-minute-long, sit-down meeting,” he added.

Congress demands Arun Jaitley’s resignation

Mr. Punia challenged the government to release the CCTV footage of Parliament’s Central Hall of March 1, 2016, where Mr. Jaitley allegedly met Mr. Mallya. “It was a proper meeting and CCTV footage will clearly reveal it. I dare them to do so. Either I will leave politics or he should leave politics,” said Mr. Punia.
Alleging that the government colluded with Mr. Mallya getting away, Mr. Gandhi asked, “There are two-three questions that arise. First, why did the Finance Minister speak to the absconder? Second, who changed the CBI’s ‘arrest notice’ to ‘inform notice’. Third, did Mr. Jaitley do it on his own or got orders from above?”
Asserting that the Congress will do what it needs to, Mr. Gandhi said the Finance Minister must answer the nation about his alleged meetings. “Mr. Jaitley writes long blogs but wonder why he never mentioned about this meeting,” he said.

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