A Flying Jatt movie reviews

A Flying Jatt movie reviews 

Here's what the critics are saying about 'A Flying Jatt', starring Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nathan Jones, Kay Kay Menon and Amrita Singh:

A Flying Jatt movie reviews

Hindustan Times

A Flying Jatt begins on a good note, picks up the pace, throws some light-hearted moments, and then faces the curse of the second half. It drags its feet from becoming the smart film just when it’s needed and goes for the all-explaining commentary. Without the spoon-feeding, it would have become a much more entertaining film. 

The Indian Express

Apart from the usual high-octane stunts of Tiger Shroff, one can expect to see some intimidating villainy courtesy Hollywood import Nathan Jones. For those who want to see some romance, Jacqueline promises to fulfill that desire as she seals her love for Tiger with an onscreen kiss. For kids, there is much entertainment in store right from action to Tiger's amazing dancing skills. Not to forget, Amrita Singh makes an appearance on the silver screen after long. 

A Flying Jatt movie reviews

The story revolves around Mrs Dhillon (Amrita Singh) and her son Aman (Tiger Shroff), a martial arts instructor who is afraid of heights and dogs, and is often the butt of pranks in the school where he teaches. The industrialist Malhotra (Kay Kay Menon) runs factories that are ruining the air and water in the vicinity. Mrs D stands up to him when he demands to buy land belonging to her and her neighbours, including a patch on which stands a sacred tree. 


To begin a superhero film with a plaintive song about the environment may seem like an unusual choice, but pollution isn’t just a major theme in A Flying Jatt, it’s literally the villain. The bald brawler who appears in Aman’s nightmare is buried under toxic waste. As per comic book tradition, what doesn’t kill you makes you a supervillain, in this case one who grows stronger with every sniff of exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke (for once, that painful ‘smoking kills’ warning seemed justified). Raka (former wrestler Nathan Jones) is resurrected and is employed by crooked business Malhotra (Kay Kay Menon)—who’s been trying to acquire the land owned by Aman’s family—to kill the Jatt. 

India Today

Choreographer-turned-director Remo D'Souza sticks to the good-versus-evil formula, essential to the genre. But here he stretches it even further with his didactic approach highlighting the perils of pollution and embarking on his own Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Remo even s himself - "Everything has an alternative. Except Mother Earth." Move over Rumi, Remo the environmentalist is here. Remo and his writers are certainly not devoid of vision - in the epic climatic fight a Chinese shuttle is damaged and a space station turns into a battleground - but the execution is amateurish with poor special effects and camp production. 

A Flying Jatt movie reviews

Movie Talkies

As for the film itself, it becomes very obvious from the opening credits itself that Remo considered kids to be his target audience for the film. We would have not minded it but for the preachy undertone throughout the film, whether it be about pollution (there is one scene wherein even the antagonist Malhotra delivers a lecture to the audience about how pollution is killing the planet!) or the Sikh culture. At one point, you will be tempted to wonder if Remo was slyly making a funny documentary on pollution under the garb of a superhero flick.

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