Odd-even scheme shows what people power can achieve and that AAP can govern: Arvind Kejriwal

Odd-even scheme shows what people power can achieve and that AAP can govern: Arvind Kejriwal

"New Delhi: In an exclusive article for TOI, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal says his faith in the people of the country has been proved right. And his government's execution of the elaborate odd-even scheme, drawn up in a short duration, has shown that AAP is not a dharna party and can deliver governance."

The huge accomplishment of the odd-even plan has convincingly demonstrated two things. To start with, that the general population of this nation are extraordinary. Have faith in them, and they will accomplish ponders. What's more, second, that the AAP government is equipped for representing great. 

Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind Kejriwal

It is regular in our nation to sit over some tea and curse ourselves. We discuss how individuals in different nations such as Singapore, Britain, Japan, US and so on are so restrained with regards to taking after activity leads or keeping streets clean. We then revile Indians saying that they need urban sense and can never act appropriately. 

I have dependably had huge confidence in the general population of my nation. I have brought up that when the same Indians go to different nations, they do as such well in all fields. I have dependably trusted that Indians are top of the line individuals with second rate class administration. Furthermore, with appropriate frameworks and a genuine administration, Indians have the ability to work ponders.

The accomplishment of the odd-even plan has demonstrated my point. To actualize this plan, our administration had confidence in individuals. We drew in them with earnestness and persistently. We clarified why the plan was vital for general wellbeing. The plan was not planned by a couple individuals sitting in a room and afterward push on the general population. Actually, its points of interest developed as we moved along. A few open civil arguments occurred. Proposals originated from all areas of society. Every single great recommendation were fused. 

The greatest test was to choose whom to excluded. I led a meeting in the second week of December. Heads of numerous offices were available. There was a considerable measure of weight on us to issue the "warning". Be that as it may, we declined to do as such as there was a significant level headed discussion going on the whole way across Delhi on this issue. We needed to take everybody along. Subsequently, we chose that this basic notice will be done around December 25 in the wake of considering all perspectives. 

In this manner, I for one met numerous gatherings of individuals who were requesting exception for themselves - legal counselors, specialists, ladies, senior subjects and so forth. Indeed, even a few MPs drew nearer me with a solicitation that all autos with Parliament stickers ought to be exempted. I had long examinations with every one of them. I can't say that I fulfilled everybody, except we were fruitful in taking the vast majority of them along. 

At long last, when the plan was declared, it had significantly more agreeableness than at the time the purpose to do as such had been reported around a month back. On New Year's Eve, I was entirely apprehensive. It was the apprehension of that kid who has an exam following day, who has reconsidered the syllabus twice however is still anxious. 

Following day, when reports of its prosperity began pouring in, I was overpowered. The general population of Delhi had acknowledged the plan. Of the more than 2 million vehicles, there were only 200 infringement on the first day. It was really astonishing. It demonstrated individuals' energy. 

Clearly, individuals did not acknowledge it for the trepidation of the Rs 2000 fine. That sum is small to the point that individuals would have joyfully paid up on the off chance that they chose to disregard the plan. I had over and over said in my discussions before the dispatch of the plan that if the general population chose to disregard the plan in huge numbers, we would need to pull back it. We couldn't have executed the plan with a danda. The same arrangement of individuals who were censured by everybody before as indiscipline were deserting their autos and either auto pooling or utilizing open transport. 

The second important learning from the success of the odd-even scheme is that AAP can smoothly implement one of the toughest government schemes in recent times. Simply put, it proved that AAP can govern. AAP's critics had always condemned AAP saying that it was a dharna party without any governance capability. The odd-even scheme was a fairly big scheme, which was conceived and designed in a very short period of just one month. Each and every detail was discussed and worked out. A large number of volunteers were enrolled, trained and deployed. Its success shows that AAP has the capacity to design large-scale programmes and implement them smoothly in the shortest possible time.

Though pollution has reduced as a result of the scheme, it is the significant reduction in traffic congestion all over Delhi that has caught everyone's imagination. Traffic jams are rare. Travel time across Delhi has got significantly reduced. Imagine the man-hours saved. People seem to be much more at peace with themselves when on road now. One does not hear about incidents of road rage though it is too soon to conclusively say that it is over.

Will it be extended after January 15? That's the question everyone is asking. My personal suggestion is that the scheme be stopped on January 15 for some time, so that we can take stock and analyse our experience of the 15 days. We could implement it later in a better form.

In the beginning, many people cautioned me against implementing the odd-even scheme. Conventional political wisdom was against it. Some people cautioned me that it would annoy the public at large. I am told that the Opposition was almost certain that it would turn the public against us. Contrary to the expectations of all critics, it turned out to be successful.

I feel that AAP should not take decisions on the basis of conventional vote-bank calculations. We should have the courage and conviction to do what is good for the people. What is right must be done but with a lot of planning and discussion and genuine people's participation.

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