Security heightened in all state capitals and major cities ahead of Independence Day

With dread assaults in Gurdaspur and Udhampur crisp at the top of the priority list, security game plans for the Independence Day tomorrow would be exceptional everywhere throughout the nation, especially the national capital where Prime Minister Narendra Modi will spread out the national banner.

A multi-layered security ring will be tossed at and around the seventeenth century noteworthy Red Fort from whose defenses the Prime Minister will address the country.

A shot verification glass fenced in area has been raised for the Prime Minister at the Red Fort however it is not clear whether he will be talking from behind the glass or in open like a year ago.

Sky over Red Fort and encompassing ranges will be a 'no-fly zone' tomorrow amid the occasion while a large number of staff from Delhi Police and focal paramilitary powers will be sent on the ground to keep any wickedness to exasperate the festivals of the 69th Independence Day, authority sources said. 

Paramilitary force soldiers stand guard at the India Gate Monument draped with colors of the Indian flag on the eve of Independence Day in New Delhi. (Source: PTI) - See more at:

"Security in Jammu and Kashmir, North Eastern States and porous borders with Nepal and Bangladesh will be beefed up with forces maintaining "strict access control and anti-sabotage checks."
Security will also be ventured up at key establishments. Comparable extreme efforts to establish safety will be placed set up in all the state capitals and significant urban communities.

While there was no valid insight info proposing assault amid the day, the Home Ministry has gone on a consultative to states and union domains particularly in the setting of late fear strikes in Gurdaspur in Punjab and Udhampur in Jammu, authority sources said.

The inputs gathered and examined from different state insight organizations, the admonitory cautioned that Pakistan-based terrorist bunches and their Indian offshoots like the Indian Mujahideen and individuals from ex-SIMI might perhaps target spots like Lotus Temple, metro stations, BJP workplaces and political identities in Delhi or shopping centers in connecting Noida. 
The competition was organised by Darul Uloom Nizamia Farangi Mahal at Lucknow. (Source: PTI) - See more at:

Delhi Police and focal offices will keep strict vigil at these areas with Quick Reaction Teams, Bomb squad and Dog squad alongside the commando units of Delhi Police, the sources said.

Around 40,000 security work force will be included in the security device that will be guarding the national capital with 6,000 of them keeping a watch at Red Fort where Prime Minister Narendra Modi will spread out the tricolor and location the country. 
Notwithstanding physically keeping an eye on the touchy areas, close circuit TV cameras will be keeping an eye to cover the

course to be taken by the PM and different dignitaries to achieve the Red Fort, they said.

More than 500 CCTV cameras have been introduced in and around the Red Fort. A brought together control room has been set up as a feature of the security drill.

Security in Jammu and Kashmir, North Eastern States and permeable outskirts with Nepal and Bangladesh will be expanded with powers keeping up "strict access control and against damage checks". 
Rehearsals for Independence Day at Red Fort on Thursday. (Source: Express Photo by Tashi Tobgyal) - See more at:

Watching will be ventured up and strict vigil will be continued spots like Railway Stations and tracks, transport stands, airplane terminals and section focuses, the sources said.

The security organizations will be watching out for their own authorities as there is a powerful risk of conceivable mimic by the persons tuning in parades, they said.

The powers will likewise be keeping up a nearby vigil on the regions frequented by remote nationals to maintain a strategic distance from any untoward episode.

"Late occurrences of truce infringement by Pak armed force in the flanking territories of touchy regions of Jammu and Kashmir with the expectations to encourage pushing of outfitted terrorists in diverse sub-parts, demonstrate that Pakistan foundation is edgy to invade equipped guerillas to our side for inciting inconvenience particularly amid the keep running up to the Independence day," the admonitory said. 

"There is supposedly, an expanded vicinity of activists crosswise over Samba and Kathua before invasion endeavors are produced using these regions into Jammu area. Comparative fixation has additionally been accounted for crosswise over Poonch and Rajouri areas on the LOC," it said.

The Home Ministry has gotten inputs that terrorists may attempt to utilize automatons and hang lightweight planes. It has exhorted the security strengths to watch out for remote pilotless vehicles, remote controlled air ship, para lightweight flyers and hang lightweight planes, open grounds and spaces, relinquished airfields and so on.

The Delhi Police will be keeping an eye in the sky through helicopters, hostile to flying machine weapons being kept prepared by military to frustrate any such endeavor to irritate the festivals.

Elevated security spread has been placed set up around Rajghat where Modi will lay a wreath at the Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi before continuing to Red Fort, the authorities said.

The human insight system in perspective of fear danger was fortified more than one-and-a-half months back. No cameras, binoculars, purses, portfolios, transistors, cigarette lighters, tiffin boxes, cellular telephones, water jugs, lunch boxes, and so forth will be allowed at Red Fort, police said.

Security offices have cautioned around a conceivable 26/11 style deluge of terrorists from the ocean and an assault on BJP workplaces and requested that the powers stay alarm on the event of Independence Day to frustrate any such endeavor.

The admonitory said that late fear assault in Gurdaspur, a few dread episodes in the past incorporating serial impacts in Patna in 2013 focusing on race rally of Narendra Modi showed that risk radiates from Pakistan based terrorist bunches and their Indian members like the Indian Mujahideen.

The correspondence said an info got in September a year ago claims that terrorists have been wanting to target BJP workplaces, business, traveler, religious, flight and railroad foundation in different states.

As indicated by another uncorroborated data the ISI has "plan to seize/blast Air India flights working in Kabul Delhi part as they are being utilized by senior Indian authorities."

The powers guarding the Indo-Nepal and Indo-Bangla fringe, SSB and BSF separately, have likewise been requested that stay on high ready after insight include that terrorists may additionally utilize these courses to penetrate in the nation to make unsettling influence on the Independence Day.

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