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Everybody seems to have a problem with hair these days. What is the reason?

Hair problems are rising these days mainly because of changes in lifestyle -- everyone is too busy to take proper care of hair and body. Also, people love to eat fast food and drink colas, and don’t concentrate on eating vegetables and fruits. They also don’t drink enough water, which is very bad for hair. Many people depend entirely on expensive and fancy products in the form of hair care (without paying attention to their hair type and texture).Too much chemical treatment for styling hair also spoils it if not done under professional supervision and after care is also very important which doesn’t happen in many cases.

Javed Haweeb - Hair Apparent
Hair Apparent - Javed 

What do you think of household wisdom when it comes to taking care of one’s hair?

It’s about knowing what your hair needs and doing things accordingly. Trying out homemade recipes for hair care is good, like using curd and henna for conditioning; reetha and aamla for washing; applying herbal packs on the roots; protecting it from harmful things like winds, dust and sun, etc; eating a balanced diet full of vegetables and fruits; and drinking enough water. Maintaining a good lifestyle by exercising regularly and sleeping well is also essential. Also, by doing simple things like washing hair regularly and combing it correctly, helps.

Nowadays, stylists tell you to get all sorts of expensive treatments. Should one go for them or just do simple oiling?

Simple oiling cannot help hair these days because of atmosphere; hair needs special and regular conditioning and oil is just a small part of it. There is so much pollution in the environment because of which regular wash is important and that makes hair dry so conditioning everyday is highly needed. Use of chemicals in the hair makes the hair dry and rough after, which hair needs more than just oiling. The other problem with oil is that it attracts dust if kept for long and then breaks hair. One should apply oil wisely and at the right time. Professionally done hair treatments are good and helpful but going for all kinds of treatments because the stylist suggests it, is not good. Have a proper discussion with your stylists about what the treatment is and why you need that treatment. 

What is the difference between Indian hair and say, Asian or Caucasian hair? Do such treatment work across different hair kinds?
The difference is the nature and texture of hair. Yes, these treatments work if one understands about one’s hair kind. The basic tip is to keep the hair clean. If hair is clean it remains healthy and the results of the treatment and styles come out nicely. The part of the world one is situated in is important because of the change in the climate but the basic thing is the type or texture of the hair. Regular washing, conditioning and cutting are important parts of hair care and work in every part of the planet and every type of hair.

Kiss a bad hair day, Goodbye!
1. Don’t play much with hair on a bad day, just leave it to it’s best style naturally, because even if you will try, it won’t stay nicely as you know it’s a bad hair day.

2. It’s good to wash and do good conditioning on such days as it will at least make it clean and oil-free.

3. For an evening look, girls can make a side plait and add some accessories like clips or flowers. Comb all the hair at the side, make a loose fish plait and finish it with a band. Use pins if shorter hair strands come out. In the end, use accessories like fancy clips matching your dress or occasion at the side, fresh flowers can also be used.

4. Boys can go in for neat hair styles as they look the best in the evening. Push all the hair back taking a parting of one’s choice with a brush after applying wax or mousse. It will give a stylish look.

What’s your Hair Quotient?

Hair is divided into three layers. The outer layer is called cuticle, the middle layer is called cortex, and the innermost layer is called the medulla. If someone’s hair is limp or dull then it implies that the medulla is weak. In very fine or thin hair, there is a possibility that the medulla might be missing.

Normal: This hair type is generally wavy and the scalp is neither too dry nor too oily. This is considered the best hair type because its maintenance is easy. It can be curly or straight and is suited for different styles and length. A mild shampoo is best for this type.
Dry: This hair type is fragile, limp, lank , and prone to split ends. This is also the hair type which is generally curly and the scalp is very dry. It is dry and gets rough fast while also it tends to lighten in hair colour resulting in a bleach straw effect. It is difficult to manage and gets tangled, resulting in damaged hair.
Oily or greasy: This hair type is generally straight and flat, the scalp gets oily very fast in this hair type. Oily hair is a result ofover production of sebum, which also causes dandruff. Hair sweats and dirt easily sticks to it, and ‘almost’ daily washing is required. Cleanliness is particularly vital since the accumulated dirt can emit foul smell.
Composite: Hair that is generally oily on the scalp but dry on the tips belongs to this category. The oiliness appears after about six hours of washing. Extra care should be taken during summer months and it should be shampooed, at least twice a week. (Extracted from Hair Yoga by Jawed Habib)
MYTH busters about your mane

Shampoo makes hair weak: Shampooing is healthy for hair as it washes away all the dirt and oil from the scalp and makes it cleans and fresh.

Oil massages cause dandruff: An oil massage only works as alubricant and a conditioner for hair and improves blood circulation. It only causes dandruff if you don’t wash it properly.
Frequent haircuts help hair grow faster: Haircuts merely shape the hair. The benefits are that it takes out split-ends from the hair.
Plucking of grey hair leads to growth of more strands: Plucking has no connection with greying of hair. It is an internal problem and any external process doesn’t affect it.  
By: Kanika Sharma

Credit: Mid Day

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