A Two-Headed Pig Was Born Recently In China

A two-headed pig was born recently in China per an NBC write up. Born in a very village within the Jianxi province, the pig has two ears, one eye and two snouts.

This is not the first two-headed pig born in China. In 2001, Reuters reportable that a Chinese farmer showed off a piggy born with two heads and 3 eyes in Zhaodun village within the province of Jiangsu.

Two Headed Pig born in China
Two Headed Pig

LiveScience reports that the recently born two-headed pig is likely the result of an embryo splitting two separate organisms; however the method to become twins failed to complete.

This condition is called "axial bifurcation" and was studied in March 2013 when a two-headed requiem shark was discovered.

"Halfway through the method of forming twins, the embryo stops dividing." - Michael Wagner,researcher at Michigan State University

According to NBC, a doc reports that it's unlikely that the pig can survive because of the deformity.

Are two-headed critters rare? While they are not common, there have been pictures of snakes, turtles, kittens and even a two-headed goat shared on the web within the past.

The Week reportable in 2007 that a store manager at big Al's vivarium Supercenter in East Norriton, Pa., showed off a two-headed red slider turtle in his store.

A two-headed goat was born in Cuba on might 26, 2004.

Reuters reportable at the time of the goat's birth that it breathed and ate with each heads. It had four eyes that it opened and closed at constant time.

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