Is Your Man Stay-At-Home-Father Material?


Is Your Man Stay-At-Home-Father Material?

Is Your Man Stay-At-Home-Father Material?
"Mard ho toh saamne aao, warna yeh kaanch ki choodiyan pehen lo. And villain flings glass bangles at hero. Abe, tu aadmi hai toh aurat ki tarah sharma kyon raha hai? And "insultee" gives insultor a sucker punch. Ladki ki tarah mat ro" . And taking offence, said lad/man immediately wipes tear-stained face and puts on a brave front.

Such is pop culture. And its influence — undeniable, far-reaching, passed on through the generations. Thankfully enough, in some stereotypical scenarios, a role reversal (so to speak) is slowly but steadily being accepted. So, a stay-at-home dad may not sound like an absolutely alien creature to a certain section of our society. Here's how to tell if your hubby has — or even wants to have — potential to morph into one.

1. He doesn't overreact: First things first, you need to talk to him, woman to man, about the proposition in question. Gauge his immediate instinctive reaction. If it isn't outright indignation or I'm-slipping-in-coma shock, there's a chance he'll be willing to play that role.

2. He's good with kids: Some may claim to addddddddddore kids, especially their own, but there's a colossal difference between getting cuddly-wuddly with a happy kid that's been fed, bathed, clothed, changed and re-changed, and being RESPONSIBLE for all of the above.

3. You're okay with it: Now, this is all-important. A good number of women will go blue in face ranting about equal rights and hypocritical norms, but at the end of the day, they want their man to earn — and earn more than they do. If you can honestly admit you fall in this category, good for you. And if you can honestly admit that you don't, great. The two of you have passed the first litmus test.

4. Your professional graphs agree: If it so happens that the woman's career is on an unexpected upswing and the man feels like a break, a change in careers or simply needs time to start his own thing, great. Even if not, and you still feel you're ready to take this not-so-conventional decision, and make it work, kudos! And good luck. Don't forget to write in to us with all the gory details.

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