IIT Delhi Bans Net Surfing At Night


IIT Delhi Bans Net Surfing At Night

 IIT Delhi has implemented a new rule from this session where internet access will be restricted in the hostels during the night.

IIT Delhi Bans Net Surfing At Night

The reason given to students by the administration was that activities like internet surfing, online gaming, and watching movies has been affecting academics.


By quoting a final semester student Indian Express reports, “The reason provided to us was that students watch movies or play games online and then do not report for classes on time. They also said that even if students reach do not on time, they do not concentrate on what is being taught in class”.


According to the new rule, IIT Delhi has decided that starting from the current academic session; internet facility will not be available in the hostels between 12 am and 6 am.


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Well, I’m surprised by this rule and find it ridiculous. Students can manage free time only during night and my experience says night is the most productive time for students. Students have to do research and project works, and without internet it’s difficult to accomplish such task. Hope IIT Delhi will listen to their students and lift up these bans soon.


by Aakar

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