Om Puri to divorce second wife_Om Puri Breaks His Silence


Om Puri Breaks His Silence

The actor reveals that he and his wife planned to divorce 10 months ago and her outburst was unwarranted - Kunal M Shah

Om Puri to divorce second wife

While actor Om Puri and Nandita’s marriage has been on the rocks for some time now, the only reason that kept the couple together was their 13-year old son, Ishaan. However after the altercation between the two, on Friday, at the actor’s ex-wife Seema Kapoor’s Oshiwara residence (Mumbai Mirror, June 20), Om Puri decided to break his silence and reveal why the whole fiasco was unwarranted.

The actor told us that he and Nandita had signed an MOU, 10 months ago, in which she asked for two-years before they officially divorce.

When contacted, Om Puri clarified, “First and foremost, I want to say that I was not married to Seema for 8-9 months as Nandita had said. I have strong objection that she is called the other woman. Seema is my first wife. I have known Seema for many years and we had courted for ten years, before we got married.

I have known the family since 1979 and we got married in 1990. We shared good family relations. Our marriage did not last for over a year, as I was ten years older to her. We divorced three years after our marriage.”

He added, “Nandita and I have decided to get divorced. We signed a MOU on August 10, 2010, with mutual consent. In this, she wanted two years before we get divorced. There were certain other conditions in the MOU, which were related to property etc. I have a son and it is my duty to secure his future and that’s why I did the needful.

There were a couple of other conditions, which state that Nandita will accompany us on the outstation trips that I go on with my son. I agreed to it all. The major reason is that our lawyer suggested that the divorce proceedings will be smooth, if we have these two years of separation. According to the MOU, I can stay wherever I want and I am not answerable to Nandita, so I fail to understand the reason for creating the ruckus that she did outside Seema’s building. We have already crossed ten months, since we signed the MOU.”

The actor concluded, “Whatever happened was not needed. Yeh sab shor-sharabe ki kya zaroorat thi? She knows about the MOU and I stay just two buildings away from Seema. All this was uncalled for.”

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