Monsoon to hit Delhi by June 29


Monsoon to hit Delhi by June 29

NEW DELHI: With the monsoon right around the corner, Delhiites can expect more rain and thundersqualls in the days ahead. Between Tuesday and Wednesday, the city recorded 39.4mm rain, of which 39.2mm was recorded on Tuesday night. The maximum temperature plummeted to 33.8 degrees Celsius, five degrees below normal while the minimum was 23.7 degrees Celsius, four degrees below normal.

The rough weather, with wind speed of 60-90kmph, led to closure of air space

over the IGI airport for about 15 minutes around 10.30pm on Tuesday and two Air India flights were forced to make a go-around. Airport officials said that in the past few days, there had been some disruption in air traffic due to strong winds and cross winds.

Ajit Tyagi, Met director general said that the monsoon had been progressing at a rapid rate and by the end of next week was expected to be hovering around the city. "It would be difficult to predict with much precision when the monsoon will hit Delhi, but its progress is normal so far and Delhi is likely to get its first monsoon shower by June 29. A review will take place next week," he said.

This was the first time since 2007 that Delhi recorded so much rain on a single day in June. Other areas that recorded a substantial quantity of rain were Pusa with 31mm, Akshardham in east Delhi with 45mm and Lodhi Road that recorded 47.1mm. "The rainfall was partly due to a western disturbance, but the major cause was a cyclonic circulation aided by moisture from the Bay of Bengal," said B P Yadav, director, Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). He added: "From now on the frequency and intensity of the thunderstorms will increase and they will also be accompanied by more rain. The monsoon trough is also getting formed under which more cyclonic circulations take shape. While these systems are fed by moisture from the monsoon system they cannot technically be called pre-monsoon showers as they normally start only a few days before the monsoon actually arrives."

Officials said that easterly winds had started prevailing over large parts of northwest India and these were bringing in a steady flow of moisture from the monsoon system that had already covered parts of Gujarat, Orissa and Bengal. "On Tuesday, the maximum temperature was about 43 degrees with very high humidity levels which led to an unusually high heat index. The frequency of such weather will go up now and more rain can be expected," said R K Jenamani, director in charge, IGI Met.

Thursday is expected to be humid with maximum and minimum temperatures of around 37 degrees and 27 degrees respectively.

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