Inspiration to Murder : Murder 2


Inspiration to Murder : Murder 2

The Emraan and Jacqueline starrer draws heavily from international films when it comes to creativity on canvas
If you thought only Bollywood scripts were inspired from foreign films, think again. Lately, filmmakers have been depending on international ventures for the posters as well.

First it was Zoya Akhtar’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara looking like a good replica of the Hollywood film Lords Of Dogtown.
Inspiration to Murder
And now it seems to be the turn of Vishesh Films’ Murder 2. It doesn’t just draw from one international project but depends on a handful of films to build a repertoire of posters.

In the first, Jacqueline Fernandez sits holding a mirror reflecting Emraan Hashmi. This, along with a poster of a Chinese film titled Bad Guy can be placed in a game of ‘spot the difference’. We spotted a few. The mirror held by Jackky is round as opposed to a less ornate square version in the Chinese poster.

Also, for the sake of propriety, Indian sentiments and to avoid getting a saree posted by a political group and being Bebo no 2, Jackky is swathed in red fabric covering a major portion of her body.

The Emraan and Jacqueline
The second, inspired by a poster of Anti Christ is however, not an exact copy. The tree bark with hands coming out from it, remains as the backdrop.

And so do the lovers getting cozy in front of it. Though, again to keep from hurting Indian sensibilities, the lovers’ embrace is kept to the upper half of their bodies unlike what’s shown in the Hollywood film poster.

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