Doctors advise force-feeding Baba Ramdev


Doctors advise force-feeding Baba Ramdev

D S Kunwar, TNN

HARIDWAR: A three-member team of senior doctors led by Haridwar Chief Medical Officer Dr Yogesh Kumar Sharma that examined Baba Ramdev described his condition as "thoroughly unsatisfactory" and recommended that Ramdev be given fluids to check further deterioration in his health.

The team examined Ramdev and his trusted aide Acharya Balkrishan as their fast-unto-death against corruption and black money entered the sixth day at Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust. Official sources said that the team examined their blood pressure, weight and overall condition of other vital parts of their bodies at 10.30am on Thursday.

Later, Dr. Sharma described Ramdev's overall condition as "thoroughly unsatisfactory." He said Ramdev had lost about 2 kilos, his weight has come down to 58kgs from 60kgs during the last three days (From June 7 to June 9). However, Baba Ramdev said that he had lost about 7.5kgs in the last six days due to fasting and extreme stress.

The CMO clarified that his team had begun to examine Ramdev only since June 7 and hence could not comment on Ramdev's previous health condition.

The CMO said that Baba Ramdev's BP was recorded as low as 108/ 74. The normal blood pressure is between 120 to 130/ 80 to 90. The doctors said that since Ramdev had been subsisting just on water for the last six days, his level of glucose was also recorded considerably low. According to them, since his health had begun to deteriorate fast, it would be a cause of anxiety after a day or two.

Dr Sharma said that in view of Ramdev's health condition, he could be advised to take liquid items soon to check further deterioration in his health condition. CMO said his team will make a recommendation to this effect in a report to be submitted to Haridwar District

Magistrate (DM) R. Meenakshi Sunderam.

Later the Haridwar DM accompanied by other senior district officers met Baba Ramdev to urge him and close aide Balkrishan to continue taking liquid food. In a press conference, the DM said the Baba had refused to be administered glucose but had agree to take lime juice and honey

Contrary to the announcement made by Baba Ramdev two days ago that as many as 624 of his supporters had also joined him in his fast-unto-death, Dr. Sharma clarified that they were informed that only Ramdev and his aide were on an indefinite fast. He said he was told that the other 624 people had already broken their fast.

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