Dia Mirza's De-Stress Mantras


Dia Mirza's De-Stress Mantras

Dia Mirza's De-Stress Mantras
Wondering how the beautiful Dia Mirza stays relaxed and calm? Take a look at the actress' de-stress mantras.

My personal de-stress mantra is...

Doing meditation. I practice the Ujjai breathing technique 20 times before bedtime or when I need to relax during the day. I also practice the Sudarshan Kriya from the Art of Living.

Playing with my pet dog Sultan works as a stress buster. I also look forward to spending time with my friends' children, their energy, enthusiasm in abundance is totally infectious. A child somehow acts as the most healing influence. Nothing in the world is more peaceful and calming than the company of a happy child.

In my leisure time...

I paint, write, read and indulge in pottery. Also, I make it a point to catch up on movies. Some movies I enjoy watching over and over again are Before Sunrise, Legend Of The Fall and The Godfather.

A cook or a foodie?

Cooking is my passion! I'm a non-vegetarian an love to cook Hyderabadi food. I make yummy biryani, nihari, haleem, etc. I love to eat and love to feed. I find cooking very therapeutic.

My hobbies...
Travelling and dancing. Being able to pursue interests is dependent on how much spare time an individual has, but I am a big believer that just as we make time for work we need to make time for hobbies. I enjoy taking off to a place I want to discover. I have promised myself that I have to cover at least one new destination every year. Dancing is something I enjoy tremendously and if I haven't had a chance to dance in a while I simply play some music at home and break free!

Homebody or party animal?
I am a complete home bird! I love being at home and having friends over. In fact, my friends have to drag me out to a party because I tend to resist going out to crowded, noisy places. I prefer having conversations and good food over loud music and alcohol any day.

Tips to de-stress...
The best way to de-stress is to identify what is causing you stress and to work on it. Most of us get wound up over things and fail to identify the cause. It only adds to the feeling of restlessness and anxiety. Once a problem is identified, it will be solved.

Author: Lisa Antao


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