Hollywood's Hottest Female Kisses on Stage

Britney Spears has done it again — kissed a girl, that is. TOI does a round-up ofthe hottest on-stage kisses between female celebrities 

Britney Spears-Rihanna
Oops... she kissed a girl and she liked it — again! At least, that's what it seemed like when Britney Spears — who has previously kissed Madonna on-stage — locked lips with Rihanna at an awards ceremony recently. Rihanna took the stage to belt out her latest song, S&M, kitted in a black bondage-style costume and was later joined by Britney, who wore a matching white outfit. The singers rounded off their performance by dancing provocatively up and down poles, engaging in a pillow fight and then kissing.

Sandra Bullock-Scarlett Johansson
Last year, Sandra Bullock decided to make her first public appearance after announcing her split from her husband, Jesse James, memorable. During Sandra's acceptance speech at a music awards show, where she picked up an award, she decided to clear the air about her personal life by locking lips with presenter Scarlett Johansson. After the brief kiss that evening, Sandra shrugged nonchalantly and said, "Now that we did that, can we go back to normal? Because therapy is really expensive."

Sandra Bullock-Meryl Streep
Before she took home the Best Actress Oscar for The Blind Side, Sandra Bullock had to share an award in the same category with Meryl Streep at an another awards ceremony. "This is bullsh*t!" Sandra said jokingly before kissing Meryl, who was awarded the honour for her role in Julie and Julia. Later in Sandra's acceptance speech, she commented on the kiss, saying, "Meryl is a good kisser."

Jessica Biel-Sarah Silverman
At a music awards night in 2007, actress Jessica Biel and comedienne Sarah Silverman took a dig at the infamous Madonna-Britney kiss when they almost locked lips. "I'm not going to do some stupid publicity stunt so they can make advertising dollars of their exploitations," Sarah said, before readying for a near lip-lock with Jessica.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus isn't exactly considered a great role model for teenagers. The singer, who has done a provocative photoshoot for a magazine and pole-danced at an awards show, went a step further when she performed her song Can't Be Tamed on a reality show on television, last year. The teen sensation grabbed a dancer and kissed her — well, almost. Even though the kiss was a near-miss, it still went a long way in erasing her squeaky clean image from public memory.

When Britney Spears appeared on-stage in a bridal gown, little did people realise that the performance would end in the most talked about on-stage lip-lock of the decade. The singer was joined by Christina Aguilera for a rendition of Madonna's Like a Virgin. Then Madonna emerged, dressed in a black tuxedo and top hat, which she took off as she launched into her song, Hollywood. Britney and Christina then ripped off the skirts of their gowns to reveal white corsets as they gyrated with the Queen of Pop. Madonna then proceeded to kiss both singers — Britney first, then Christina — before Missy Elliot took the stage to round off the performance.

Compiled by -Anjali Muthanna

Source : timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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