BJP declares war against Karnataka's Governor

New Delhi/ Bangalore : BJP launched an all out attack against Karnataka governor for his recommendation of dismissing the state government. Lashing out the Karnataka Governor for recommending dismissal of his government, Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa on Monday said the action amounted to an"affront" to the pride of the people of the state and the mandate given to BJP.

Constitutional expert Soli J Sorabjee  attacked Karnataka Governor HR Bhardwaj for recommending imposition of President`s rule in the BJP-ruled state and said the Chief Minister should be allowed to prove his majority on the floor of the House "First of all, I do not think there is any justification for imposition of President`s rule. There is no breakdown of constitutional machinery," Sorabji said.

He said Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has confidence of the House and he should be allowed to prove the majority as the Supreme Court judgement on rebel BJP MLAs has no bearing on the issue.
"If the Governor does not believe him (Yeddyurappa), give him an opportunity to test it. Why is he preventing the Chief Minister from proving the majority," Sorabji said.

He said that there was no justification for keeping the house on suspended animation just to impose the President`s rule in the state. "It will be completely unconstitutional. It seems that the Governor only has a single point agenda that is against Yeddyurappa and he is pursuing that agenda, I am sorry to say that it is unparallelled vendetta," Sorabji said.

On the issue of rebel BJP MLAs, he said that the Supreme Court only said that they were wrongly disqualified without being accorded a proper hearing. "Now those people want to join Yedyurappa, where is the question of the Supreme Court judgement preventing that," he said. On the question as to whether the Chief Minister should approach the Supreme Court, Sorabji said, "Let us see what happens. They should not jump the gun."

The state chief minister said that he along with his ministerial colleagues and MLAs will stage a dharna in front of Raj Bhavan at noon to protest Governor HR Bhardwaj`s decision to recommend dismissal of the BJP Government. He also lashed out the Governor for declining to meet 10 BJP MLAs when they went to Raj Bhavan to submit their letters of support and described it as an "insult" to elected representatives.

"The Governor`s action in recommending dismissal of my government was anti-democratic as it enjoyed the support of 121 members," he said, adding, "Even now I am ready to prove my majority, if the Governor asks me". He said he would also lead a delegation of MLAs and MPs to Delhi today or tomorrow to meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to protest against the Governor`s action.

Yeddyurappa said the emergent cabinet meeting called this afternoon would take some important decisions. The official residence of Yeddyurappa was abuzz with activity with ministers, MLAs and BJP leaders thronging it. The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Karnataka seems set to take to New Delhi its battle against Governor HR Bhardwaj for reportedly seeking the government`s dismissal and direct central rule in the state.

The BJP legislators are meeting on Monday to decide the strategy to save their government related stories Governor Bhardwaj wants Prez rule in Karnataka Sorabjee attacks K`taka Guv, says move `unconstitutional` Governor`s recommendation a welcome step. Cong BJP fears central rule in Karnataka, writes to President They are likely to opt to present themselves to President Pratibha
Patil in Delhi to prove the party has majority in the assembly.

The legislators meeting will be followed by a cabinet session of Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa who late on Sunday wrote to Patil to reject Bhardwaj`s "unconstitutional move". Bhardwaj has not made public the "special report" he says he has sent to central government on the Karnataka developments following the Supreme Court restoring the membership of 16 rebel lawmakers May 13.(With inputs from PTI)

News Source: news24online

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